Queen Sugar                             John Royal

Making the Choice                    Joshua

It Takes a Killer                        Bob Bashara

It Takes a Killer                        Rabbi Fred

The Truth                                 Mr. Reed

​Frank's list of credits is growing...

see what one Casting Director said about Frank's skills

"Wonderful listening. Phenomenal, natural, grounded reactions. Some felt deliberate but not contrived, but any doubts were crushed on the 2nd take with the adjustment. Such a grounded read both times. Way to find those moments to pause and let the tension build. This is just great scene work all around.  Great work. This would get shown to directors if we were casting this role today."

Commercials / Industrials

Our Lady of Lake Hospital       Oncologist

Trey Gowdy for Congress        Barber

​KY Law Firm "the Hammer"     Zombie Insurance agent

Ghost Employee (law firm)     Mr Cooper

Retire Early (Wes Moss)          Executive

​Leduc Legal Media                  Spokesperson

Marco Rubio for President       Grandfather

Video Library (TV)                   Store Clerk

Video Library (Radio)              Voiceover

LSU Training video                  Voiceover

LA College & Tech System       Mr Green

Nokia                                     Anchorman/Reporter/Voiceovers


Billionaire Boys Club            CFO Benedict Bernstein

La Familia                            Dr. McKinley​​

​Liberty Waning                     District Attorney Smug

​The Dreams within               Dr. Richard

George's cats                       Mr. Williams                    Living                                  Priest

​An Impossible Lover             Henry

​Conversation w/ the Devil    Dick Carson (interviewer)

God Gave him Grace            Mr. Smith

​Headless Swans*                   Mr. Troutman

​     *Winner Best live action short Louisiana Int'l Film Festival

Music Videos 

"Frankie Sinatra" The Avalanches FBI Agent 

​"The Hambiltons" Louie Fontaine Mr Hambilton

Frank R Wilson 


​Motivational Speaking