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Hong Kong

From Navy Brat to Corporate executive to innkeeper to Actor, Frank Wilson has done a little bit of everything...all across the globe!

The adventure continues

Born into a Navy Family, I attended 13 schools in 12 years while moving all across the country. In my adult life, I continued my love affair with change by living in such diverse places as Dallas, Cleveland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vermont and finally Baton Rouge. The bulk of my professional career has been in HR with a specialty in Training and Development. I have facilitated training on 5 continents and 32 countries. It is here where I honed my skills as a public speaker, which has helped me in developing my acting chops.

Frank's Bio



When in Vermont where my wife and I owned a B&B, I caught the acting bug. A movie was being filmed at our place and I got a part in the film (as part of our compensation). When we sold the property and moved to Baton Rouge, I found out I was living in what is called "Hollywood South." So...that led to some background gigs in feature films and TV, which led to acting roles in TV and commercials, which led to acting classes and so on. As I put it plainly, I experienced a "mid life crisis that a blonde and a sports car couldn't fix." While I work on occasion by consulting or doing voiceover work, that allows me the flexibility to pursue my acting career. I live in Baton Rouge with my wife Robin, daughter Madison and 1 energetic Siberian Husky.

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