Frank R Wilson 


​Motivational Speaking 

Jillian Nolde Actor/coach

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OUR TEAM - Experienced actors, all with corporate experience and one (Anna) speaks Spanish.

Anna Watt


Frank R Wilson-

Founder and Coach.

Given Frank's prior experience in Leadership Development and Team Building in the corporate world, it only goes to follow that he would take that experience and couple it with his acting chops and create an organization he calls Licence to Coach. 

Do you or your organization use role plays to practice skills? Why not make role plays "real plays" by using actors to create realistic role plays. Licence to coach does this and more. Frank also can help you create high performing teams with his unique approach to team building. Need proof? Read what our clients have said...


Scott Chambers- 3GHR, UK Having used actors in training programmes in many countries across Europe for a number of years, we have struggled to source a good partner in the US. So in 2016 I was pleased to reconnect to an old friend and colleague Frank Wilson. I have worked with Frank, an experienced Learning and Development professional, for many years and appreciate his ability to help people discover the ways to improve their interaction with others. Frank has a unique skill set in that he has been a training professional for many years and has now added acting to his toolbox. As a result he is able to bring realism to role plays and also provide clear feedback and coaching to the delegates to help them improve their performance. With his newly formed Licence to Coach team, he is our go-to resource to support our programs in the USA with actors

Gary Homes - Changescape UK “I have had the delight of working with Frank to deliver our Advanced Stakeholder Engagement training in the USA.  His corporate roleplay skills are developed to an advanced level and he was able to portray realistic representations of several different character types in a variety of IT related situations.  Frank made sure he researched our own business as well as the business of our client to help ensure the role play was as realistic as possible.  His background in a senior HR position helped to ensure he adopted a coaching style of delivering feedback to our course delegates and this in turn helped them build their own commitment to enhancing their skills.  If you are seeking a business role play actor, I cannot recommend Frank Wilson highly enough and I am convinced that you will not be disappointed by his abilities, attitude and commitment to your own success.”

Kerry Kelly Gridley