8 May 2016 - La Familia screened at the UNO Film Fest to raves from the audience. Here you see Frank with the Director, Kathleen Viera and co stars Anna Watt and Franny Harold.

8/2/2019 - Filmed important scene for the feature film "Incredible Jake Parker", which will be released May 2020.

7/2019 - Frank has co star role in a 48 hour short film called "A Killer Musician" which becomes an audience favorite

5/1/19 - Frank's film "Conversation with the Devil" on Amazon Prime

​4/29/19 - Frank shoots a commercial for Davillier Photography

3/25/19 - Re launch of podcast "what's the Score" which will feature guests from the film industry sharing their favorite scores. Link on home page 

10/9/18 - The film "Conversation with the Devil", which Frank stars in, has been shown at several festivals in places like New York and Los Angeles
10/9/18 - Demo reel updated and a new commercial reel created. Thanks to Rick LeCompte a variety of new photos some of which are featured on the site. Go to Frank's youtube channel to watch the reels

1/20/19 - Frank agrees to co star in a pilot/zizzle reel for a new show called "From the Ashes" where he plays King Leander

​12 May 2016 - Frank agrees to be in a new crime re-creation TV series called It takes a Killer which will air on the Escape Network. Filming commences immediately.

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​Motivational Speaking 

5 May 2016 - Happy Cinco de Mayo! A short film Frank co - stars in will be screened at the UNO film Festival where it is eligible for awards. La Familia is great short that shows another side of Frank. Check it out!

​24 April 2016 - frankrwilson.com launched

​26 April 2016 - Confirmed that Frank will be co-starring in TV mini series called Making the Choice.

1/23/19 - Frank books and shoots a commercial for the Law Firm Habush which is based in Milwaukee.

2/1/19 - Frank announces he has new representation as he signs with Beck Talent out of Slidell LA. His agent is Ashley Wilkinson and looks to be a perfect fit for this stage of his career.

​6/16/16 - Frank has finished filming a role in a sure to be "controversial" short film called "Liberty Waning". Watch this space for future updates

​7/19/16 - Trailer for Liberty Waning released on internet. Looks to be a great film that Frank has a co starring role in.

​7/28/16 - Frank is cast as CIA Agent Bradshaw in the indie film "Black History Month" Filming commences late summer.

8/18/16 - Liberty Waning released on internet. A thought provoking film on the gun debate.

8/25/16 - Frank agrees to support a training seminar using acting skills in role plays for 3 companies. Seminars take place in New York, New Hampshire and Atlanta. This leads to starting a company called "Licence to Coach".

9/2/16 - Liberty Waning is chosen to be in The Cineflix Film Festival, with the film shown in 8 cinemas throughout the Southeast USA.

​9/26/16 - Frank completes 2 days of filming on Oxygen Network's   "It takes a Killer", playing Rabbi Fred who plots the murder of his wife. Also, Magnificent 7 comes out and though its difficult to find Frank in some scenes, he is there and will add some behind the scenes photos soon.

​10/11/16 - Liberty Waning wins Bronze award at Lake Charles Film  Festival.

​10/21/16 - Busy week as Frank films a commercial for a Denver Law Firm, works background on a feature film called "Claws" and films a commercial for Rep. Trey Gowdy

10/29/16 - Trey Gowdy commercial is released. you can view it here 

​1/4/17 - Frank starts the new year playing an insurance agent Zombie for a law firm commercial

​2/10/17 - Frank worked on 2 short films for UNO students, Within and Living, playing a priest and a doctor.

​3/11/17 - Radio program "What's the score", hosted by Frank debuts on Village Connection Radio.

​3/11/17 - Frank plays a scientist on a Michael Bay produced virtual reality short film

​4/6/17 - Frank has a small role in John Schnieder new film "4 to go"

​5/20/17- Frank books a role on a major cable network show to shoot in June.

6/18/17 -Frank earns his SAG eligibility 

​6/7/17 - Frank is booked for a music video to shoot in New Orleans the following week.

​8/30/17 - First "screen kiss" on the set of the film "Headless Swans". Wife is not amused...

​9/14/17 - Books a local commercial for a hospital, a short film to shoot in Oct. and a training seminar in Boston.

​10/3/17 - Frank appears on episode 9 of Queen Sugar as John Royal. First speaking role in a major TV show.

​10/10/17 - A new short film,  An Impossible Lover, has Frank playing Henry. Some action in this role, should be fun! Filming in Oct.

​11/9/17 - Frank signs on to play a British interviewer in the short film "Conversation with the Devil". Facinating script with hopes the film will make the festival circuit.

​11/21/17 - A new demo reel is posted on Frank's youtube channel and has some new clips including the performance in Queen Sugar. See it here

​12/6/17- Frank is booked to play Mr. Reed in a pilot episode of the web series "The Truth". Filming starts in January.

​1/6/18 - Frank films "Conversation with the Devil" where he plays a British TV interviewer. The film is to be shown at Festivals nationwide later this year.

​4/21/18 - Frank moderates several Q&A sessions with film makers after screenings at the Louisiana International Film Festival

​4/21/18 - The Short "Headless Swans", where Frank plays a cheating husband, wins Best Live Action Short award at 2018 Louisiana International Film Festival.

8/10/18 - Frank signs on with new Talent Agent Valerie Hanna of Fruition Talent and Media. This partnership has potential to create new and exciting opportunities!

9/3/18 - Filmed a short film called "Ghost employee" that will make the film fest circuit.