​6/16/16 - Frank has finished filming a role in a sure to be "controversial" short film called "Liberty Waning". Watch this space for future updates

​7/19/16 - Trailer for Liberty Waning released on internet. Looks to be a great film that Frank has a co starring role in.

​7/28/16 - Frank is cast as CIA Agent Bradshaw in the indie film "Black History Month" Filming commences late summer.

8/18/16 - Liberty Waning released on internet. A thought provoking film on the gun debate.

8/25/16 - Frank agrees to support a training seminar using acting skills in role plays for 3 companies. Seminars take place in New York, New Hampshire and Atlanta. This leads to starting a company called "Licence to Coach".

9/2/16 - Liberty Waning is chosen to be in The Cineflix Film Festival, with the film shown in 8 cinemas throughout the Southeast USA.

​9/26/16 - Frank completes 2 days of filming on Oxygen Network's   "It takes a Killer", playing Rabbi Fred who plots the murder of his wife. Also, Magnificent 7 comes out and though its difficult to find Frank in some scenes, he is there and will add some behind the scenes photos soon.

​10/11/16 - Liberty Waning wins Bronze award at Lake Charles Film  Festival.

​10/21/16 - Busy week as Frank films a commercial for a Denver Law Firm, works background on a feature film called "Claws" and films a commercial for Rep. Trey Gowdy

10/29/16 - Trey Gowdy commercial is released. you can view it here 

​1/4/17 - Frank starts the new year playing an insurance agent Zombie for a law firm commercial

​2/10/17 - Frank worked on 2 short films for UNO students, Within and Living, playing a priest and a doctor.

​3/11/17 - Radio program "What's the score", hosted by Frank debuts on Village Connection Radio.

​3/11/17 - Frank plays a scientist on a Michael Bay produced virtual reality short film

​4/6/17 - Frank has a small role in John Schnieder new film "4 to go"

​5/20/17- Frank books a role on a major cable network show to shoot in June.

6/18/17 -Frank earns his SAG eligibility 

​6/7/17 - Frank is booked for a music video to shoot in New Orleans the following week.

​8/30/17 - First "screen kiss" on the set of the film "Headless Swans". Wife is not amused...

​9/14/17 - Books a local commercial for a hospital, a short film to shoot in Oct. and a training seminar in Boston.

​10/3/17 - Frank appears on episode 9 of Queen Sugar as John Royal. First speaking role in a major TV show.

​10/10/17 - A new short film,  An Impossible Lover, has Frank playing Henry. Some action in this role, should be fun! Filming in Oct.

​11/9/17 - Frank signs on to play a British interviewer in the short film "Conversation with the Devil". Facinating script with hopes the film will make the festival circuit.

​11/21/17 - A new demo reel is posted on Frank's youtube channel and has some new clips including the performance in Queen Sugar. See it here

​12/6/17- Frank is booked to play Mr. Reed in a pilot episode of the web series "The Truth". Filming starts in January.

​1/6/18 - Frank films "Conversation with the Devil" where he plays a British TV interviewer. The film is to be shown at Festivals nationwide later this year.

​4/21/18 - Frank moderates several Q&A sessions with film makers after screenings at the Louisiana International Film Festival

​4/21/18 - The Short "Headless Swans", where Frank plays a cheating husband, wins Best Live Action Short award at 2018 Louisiana International Film Festival.

8/10/18 - Frank signs on with new Talent Agent Valerie Hanna of Fruition Talent and Media. This partnership has potential to create new and exciting opportunities!

9/3/18 - Filmed a short film called "Ghost employee" that will make the film fest circuit.

5 May 2016 - Happy Cinco de Mayo! A short film Frank co - stars in will be screened at the UNO film Festival where it is eligible for awards. La Familia is great short that shows another side of Frank. Check it out!

Archived News items

​12 May 2016 - Frank agrees to be in a new crime re-creation TV series called It takes a Killer which will air on the Escape Network. Filming commences immediately.

5/1/19 - Frank's film "Conversation with the Devil" on Amazon Prime

​4/29/19 - Frank shoots a commercial for Davillier Photography

3/25/19 - Re launch of podcast "what's the Score" which will feature guests from the film industry sharing their favorite scores. Link on home page 

10/9/18 - The film "Conversation with the Devil", which Frank stars in, has been shown at several festivals in places like New York and Los Angeles
10/9/18 - Demo reel updated and a new commercial reel created. Thanks to Rick LeCompte a variety of new photos some of which are featured on the site. Go to Frank's youtube channel to watch the reels

1/20/19 - Frank agrees to co star in a pilot/zizzle reel for a new show called "From the Ashes" where he plays King Leander

​24 April 2016 - frankrwilson.com launched

​26 April 2016 - Confirmed that Frank will be co-starring in TV mini series called Making the Choice.

​What's happening in Frank's world...

​Latest News


8 May 2016 - La Familia screened at the UNO Film Fest to raves from the audience. Here you see Frank with the Director, Kathleen Viera and co stars Anna Watt and Franny Harold.

1/23/19 - Frank books and shoots a commercial for the Law Firm Habush which is based in Milwaukee.

2/1/19 - Frank announces he has new representation as he signs with Beck Talent out of Slidell LA. His agent is Ashley Wilkinson and looks to be a perfect fit for this stage of his career.

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