Frank R Wilson 


​Motivational Speaking 

Above and to the left are stills from a new Project Frank worked on. Much like a pilot episode it's called "From the Ashes" and promises to be an exciting show. Frank plays King Leander.

​Frank has a variety of looks for whatever the film/TV show needs...

Actor/Director John Schnieder and Kerry Cahill of The Walking Dead

On set playing a Zombie Insurance agent for a Super Bowl commercial for "The Hammer"

With Congressman Trey Gowdy for a commercial

Director and Cast of the award winning short Headless Swans

With Scott Bakula

Party guest for the film "Mudbound"

With Dean Cain on set of 4 to Go

Various behind the scenes photos from the set of Magnificent 7.

April 2018, Frank hosted Q&A sessions with film makers at the Louisiana International Film Festival.

Hosting my radio show on film music called "What's the Score"