On set playing a Zombie Insurance agent for a Super Bowl commercial for "The Hammer"

Director and Cast of the award winning short Headless Swans

With Scott Bakula

Hosting my radio show on film music called "What's the Score"

With Dean Cain on set of 4 to Go

​Frank has a variety of looks for whatever the film/TV show needs...

Actor/Director John Schnieder and Kerry Cahill of The Walking Dead

With Congressman Trey Gowdy for a commercial

Party guest for the film "Mudbound"

Frank R Wilson 


​Motivational Speaking 

Above and to the left are stills from a new Project Frank worked on. Much like a pilot episode it's called "From the Ashes" and promises to be an exciting show. Frank plays King Leander.

Various behind the scenes photos from the set of Magnificent 7.

April 2018, Frank hosted Q&A sessions with film makers at the Louisiana International Film Festival.